COVID-19 Resources & Information


For Parents:

  • July 2021:   Update on Parent Co-Payment Amounts and Family Income Levels
  • Return to School (School Age Children)  Schools reopened with modified schedules that include in-person, remote and hybrid learning models.  To accommodate the needs of working parents, CCAP will pay a full-time day for school age children if you are working or going to school five (5) or more hours during the day and your child is in the provider’s care during that time through December 2020.  This includes time that the child is participating in their school’s distance learning activities while in the provider’s care.  CCAP will not pay any additional fees to the provider for assisting with school activities, or any other fees beyond the approved daily rate for care.  Parents should notify their provider and the CCR&R of any changes in their child ‘s care arrangement due to school schedules.  We will review data during October to determine if adjustments to this process are needed.                                  
  • In order to better serve our clients and providers and give them an alternative method of submitting and requesting forms during the Illinois Stay At Home order, we now have an email account that can be used to submit and request documents.  Clients and providers may now submit their request to the new email account. Any document that we presently accept via our drop box, USPS mail, in person and fax can now be submitted to CCAPHelp.  Requested documents will be mailed.  Also note that the CCAPHelp account will not be used to correspond with clients and providers.  Please call the office and speak with a CCAP Specialist for questions or concerns about a case.

For Providers: