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Sunshine Circles Overview

  • 09/21/21 6:30 PM - 09/28/21 8:30 PM

Registration Deadline: 09/14/21 11:55 PM

Location: SAL Child Care Connection,
3425 N. Dries Lane,
Peoria, IL, 61604

Category: Other

Instead of talking about positive social behavior, the group leaders and children DO positive social interaction. Gradually, positive messages from the groups become a part of the child’s internal sense of himself.


Children generally embrace the three rules of Sunshine Circles… No Hurts, Stick Together and Have Fun!… and carry them with them throughout the day. Sunshine Circles can very quickly and dramatically improve the quality of the classroom and provide teachers with resources to maintain an emotionally positive and cognitively enriched environment.


  • Create an atmosphere that is warm, nurturing, engaging and challenging
  • Meet the basic needs of children so they can be freed emotionally to explore their world
  • Promote warm relationships between children and adults and friendships among peers
  • Engage hard-to-reach children
  • Bring fun and exuberance into the lives of children
  • Place emphasis on cooperating between children
  • Encourage children to learn and practice self-control
  • Enhance trust of others through concrete, personal and positive experiences
  • Help children with regulatory disorders and tactile issues
  • Simultaneously address cognitive, social and emotional development


Gateways Content Areas: IRE (4.0) CDA Content Areas: 3 (4.0)

Carol Tiggelaar is not a certified sunshine circle trainer.  If you would like to attend a sunshine circle training and not an overview, please visit this website for information: Upcoming Events – Theraplay



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